Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joing the NHRWA Clan

I've been a passive member of Romance Writers of America since the past June, but I've yet to really delve into the chapters that are available to members.  Chapters include both local and online writing groups.  There are two reasons why I haven't checked them out yet.

Reason the First: I don't want to spend more money.  In hand with that, being a member of a chapter--especially an online chapter--would eat up a lot of my already limited time.  The internet tends to do that, isn't that right, all you Twitter users?

Reason the Second: I'm a writer.  Well that sound like a dumb reason, doesn't it?  The chapters are there to help writers.  But writers write.  And I write constantly.  So much so that I often forget about other things like eating and homework and the flow of time actively flowing around me.  Writing also hampers my social in it conspires to keep me from having one.  But hey--who needs friends when you have voices in your head?!  

Nevertheless, I went to my first New Hampshire Romance Writers of America chapter meeting today.  There were real live people and everything.  Technically, I'm not a member of NHRWA yet, but I definitely will be soon.  It was so nice to be around other writers, sharing stories, talking shop, relating, chit-chatting.  Face to face relations is much nicer than online interaction.

RWA is a great asset to the published and unpublished author.  I definitely recommend checking out the site:

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  1. Hi Laurelyn. I stumbled on your blog by accident while googling for Science Fiction Romance. I'm a fellow SFR writer who also recently joined her local chapter (LERA--Land of Enchantment Romance Authors in New Mexico). The costs also concerned me, but after joing RWA earlier this year and attending the national conference in Washington DC, I saw what I'd been missing--access to resources, information, "the latest" industry and market news, and most of all, other writers.

    I have a peer who lives in NH. I'll have to mention your group to her.