Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello to whosoever reads this. I'm a writer. I've had one poem published and am currently in college for Creative Writing. I write mainly Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Science Fiction Romance. This is my first post on my brand new log and I'm not quite sure what to write--imagine that! Perhaps I'll tell you a story.
Once upon a time a young girl sat on a sawhorse beneath the stars with her father. The father told the girl a story about a ghost. That girl spent the next few days recalling the story, adding characters, conflicts, developing the story until it was entirely different from the original, simple, five minute story she'd been told. As the years passed and the girl grew to an adult, she continued to make up stories, picking up ideas from everything around her.
In case not everyone is up to speed....the girl in the story is me! Surprise!! When people ask me what started me on writing the farthest back reason I can remember is my dad telling me the occasional story. We used to go for long car rides at night and he would make up strange, short little stories for me. However, he could never keep up with a child's demand for "more!" and "what happened next?!" I could never quite accept that "the end" meant exactly that. Surely something else happened to the ghost-claimed rocking chair!!
So now....I don't even know how many years later because I have no idea what age I was in that memory....I'm still creating stories. I am working on revising my first completed manuscript before sending it out to agents. I'm very excited!!!! I have three other manuscripts in the works, but currently on the back burner while I work on polishing the first finished. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always in my head--juggling four stories' worth of characters and conflicts is why! It's actually quite amusing....picture this: me, standing in the kitchen, eating a cookie or an apple or something and spacing out as usual, completely engrossed in my head and the story I'm working on in the other room before my break when suddenly someone walks around the corner. My usual reaction is to shriek and jump back into or onto a counter top as I'm jolted out of the world where my characters live and back into boring real life! This once happened to me--no lie--three times in one morning. I finally gave up and returned to my laptop and the story so impatiently awaiting me. Needless to say I keep my family very entertained!
Thank you for visiting and I'll post again soon!