Monday, November 2, 2009

Jagged Edge

I've mentioned my manuscript Jagged Edge briefly in earlier posts and now I want to talk a bit about it. 

I can't remember how I got my idea for Jagged Edge, I just remember seeing a completely random scene unfold in my mind between my protagonist, Captain Aisha Chandra, and a Vampyr she considers an enemy.  I remember how I stood up, went upstairs, and immediately started writing the story.  During the couple of minutes it took me to climb the stairs and wait for the computer to turn on, I knew the story would start with Aisha out on some sort of mission with her elite Special Forces squad and she would encounter the Vampyr during her assignment.  I sat down and wrote thirty five pages nonstop. 

Jagged Edge is a Science Fiction Romance.  It is entirely impossible for me to write anything BUT romance.  All I read is romance and all its subgenres.  My favorites are what I write: Fantasy, Paranormal, and Scince Fiction Romance.  I am, at heart, a hopeless romantic.  I love happy endings and I want everyone to find their soul mates and fall in love.  Realistically, I know this isn't how our world works, so instead I write other worlds where it DOES happen. 

Please bear with me; I'm not very good at describing my stories to others just yet.  Feel free to leave a question if you're interested or if anything is unclear. 

My protagonist, Captain Aisha Chandra, and her best friend Colonel Dante Halcyon lead an elite squad of military men in the near future.  In an attempt to repair the effects of global warming, the governments decide to release a chemical across the globe, mutating vegetation and and wildlife alike.  Aisha and her men venture out to capture these newly supernatural creatures and return them to the institution where they live.  The Vampyr taunts Aisha, interrupting her assignments, stirring her anger as he escapes capture again and again.  When she finally imprisons him, her entire world is shifted to opposite ends of reality.  She has to deal with sudden exposed secrets, deceit, and betrayal.  Aisha must figure out who she really is, what--and who--she really wants. 

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