Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Updates

First things first: I'm still alive.  Fantastic, I know you're all very relieved.  I am a terrible, terrible person to ignore my blog for several months.  Sorry.  At least I've been writing, though.  I have several stories I'm very excited for and I hope to have two finished by October. 

Alright so some quick updates: I got accepted into Southern New Hampshire University's Creative Writing program!!  I'm EXTREMELY excited to transfer in the fall.  I can't waite to join the Creative Writing club, take the classes, and really focus on my craft.  After several months of not hearing back from the editor of Crescent Moon press I shot off an e-mail to check on my submission.  Turns out it was lost in cyber space and they asked me to resubmit.  Basically, I'm very excited about my stories, I'm very excited about taking writing classes, living on campus, being with other people who want to write and be published--it's a big loop of excitement for me. 

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