Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The First Moment of My Future

Thanks to the Muse Online Writers Conference I had the amazing opportunity to pitch my manuscript, Jagged Edge, directly to Marlene Castricato, Marketing Director of Crescent Moon Press on the 16th in a private chat room. I had five minutes and only 100 words to persuade her to request my manuscript--and I've never done anything like this before!!

In the final five or six hours prior to my pitch at nine I was EXTREMELY anxious and nervous, pacing, fidgeting, pacing....well, pacing mainly. I get restless and need to MOVE. I went up and down the stairs and from room to room for I don't know how long. If I'd gone outside I probably would've started running and I wanted to stay close to my laptop. My family was laughing at me as I zipped by them again and again. As I did my laps around the house I was also carrying Briareos, a stuffed unicorn my best friend Kris gave me. Whatever works, true? I really miss my cats....

Anyways....I was finally dragged downstairs and sat down in front of the fire place, Briareos and blanket in tow. Everyone was going out to see "Where the Wild Things Are" and they wanted to reread the story before they left. After the story we all sat and watched an hour of "America's Funniest Home Videos" which was an excellent distraction. At a little after eight they left for their movie and I sat down at the table with my laptop, flash drive, Briareos, and a water bottle--we were all out of chocolate or I definitely would've had some with me too (LOVE chocolate). And then, over a half hour early, I logged onto the chat room where I'd soon be waiting with all the other authors scheduled to pitch. The nervousness and anxiety that had driven me all throughout the house for the past couple hours had passed in a heartbeat. I'm kind of weird that way. I get absolutely, almost over-the-top anxious, and then right before the actual event I'm so worked up about, my tension just burns out and I'm good to go.

Soooo I was actually not the first person logged in--can you believe that? A wonderful woman named Ivy was waiting all by herself and we immediately got busy with the talking. She'd been published before so I was instantly feeling kind of "uh-oh". In a matter of minutes the moderator logged on and then one by one the other six scheduled authors--everyone more than ten minutes early. And after some technical difficulties and ten minutes later than when we were supposed to begin, the first person was called and we were wishing her the very best of luck! I was scheduled to pitch last, but my nerves never made a reappearance. Like I said, kind of weird.

While we waited our turns we all encouraged one another, talked briefly about our stories, got some last minute pitching tips and advice from the chat room moderator, and then began goofing off, more of less knighting this woman. Our moderator, a MARVELOUS woman named Lea, made the Muse Online Writers Conferense possible for us. After each author pitched, she returned to our group lounge to share her experience with the rest of us.

And then my name was announced. With encouragements and well-wishes directed my way, I calmly switched from Chat Lounge 3 to Chat Lounge 1 where Marlene, Lea, and one other waited for me.

My first moment had arrived.

To be continued....

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