Monday, September 14, 2009

Juggling Challenges

Wow, I can't believe how busy I've been! All of my days just woosh right past. With new classes, LOTS of college homework, writing, editing, and rewriting WIPs, RWA e-mails, and trying to promote myself as an author--I have no spare time.

I became a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America) a few months ago. New York Times Bestselling Author C. L. Wilson, a fabulous storyteller of fantasy romance and one of my most favorite authors, mentioned RWA on her website as a great tool for aspiring authors. I took her advice, joined a few days later, and have been extremely glad that I did.

In RWA's monthly member's catalog I read a recommendation of getting your name out there before you even have a book contract. They suggest building your own website, making a Twitter profile, and creating a blog. So far I've done two of the three--I'm putting off building my website until I have some stuff to put on it! But Twitter is such a time consumer! It's a great networking tool--don't get me wrong--it just eats up the minutes....hours without you even being aware of it. On Twitter I'm following other authors (published and unpublished), literary agents, marketers, publishers, animal lovers, wiccans--and getting tips and links to suggested sites from all of them! (You can see now how it becomes time consuming)

Thanks to Twitter and RWA members I've joined two online writing workshops to make up for not taking any writing classes at the local tech. I'm very excited to begin them in the coming weeks. I can't imagine how I'm going to juggle everything though. I just need to add it into my schedule I suppose. Priorities.

And lastly--the characters in my fantasy romance MS, Risking Existence, have forgiven me. Also meaning....I'm working on it again. There is one problem however. Today I realized that I need to rewrite the entire beginning....

Ah, well. I like a challenge :)

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  1. Isn't that the way it goes, that tricky muse!My beginnings change, too, from draft to draft. But that's okay.

    What matters is that you wrote it; you can't change/improve what you didn't create.